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Welcome to Muddy Water Outfitters.  We are located in Wichita Falls, TX, only a few short hours from DFW, as well as OKC.  Our main goal is to give you, the client, the best hunting experience possible.  With over 25 years of combined professional guiding experience we know how to stay on the birds!!  We scout every morning to try to find the next group of birds to hunt.  All hunts are done on one of our many private stock ponds or dry agriculture fields.. We rotate each pond so on average they only get hunted once a week to keep hunting  pressure off birds.   Field hunts and tank hunts are both done using layout blinds or permanent blinds and a full body decoy spread.  We try to keep our hunts in Texas to keep our clients from having to buy non resident licenses, but at times, we do hunt southern Oklahoma.

Muddy Water Outfitters LLC.

Your typical morning at MWO will start with us meeting you at your hotel or at a specific location around where we are hunting.  From there, you will follow us to the field where we will provide the transportation into the field or lake with atv or boat.We will then set up decoys and blinds, explaining to you what kind of spread we are using, as well as the decoy setup.  Our goal is not just to try to put you on the birds, but also try to give you tips to help you with your own hunting experiences.  We will then go over where and when to shoot and all safety procedures.  Then, we will get in our blinds and wait for birds to start cupping into the decoys.  Most hunts will be done in a few hours, but all hunts will end at 11 am.  This is to ensure that our guides will have the afternoon to scout and get equipment ready for the next day.  We will be glad to show you how to clean a few birds, but bird cleaning is not included in the hunt.  There are many good restaurants in the Wichita Falls area for you to go enjoy some good food and some of your new duck hunting stories.

If you are looking to go on a hunt to get your retriever some training, we will gladly take you and your dog.  Just let us know that when you book your hunt.  On some of our field hunts, it can be hard to hide a dog, but other than that, your dog is always welcome.

Hunter safety is always our number one concern when you are hunting with us.  All hunters will sign a liability waiver before every hunt.  If anyone in the hunting party, including guides, do not feel that you are being a safe hunter, the hunt will be cancelled without refund.  Consumption or influence of alcohol will not be tolerated during any of our hunts. This is for all of our safety.


Mike Lambert

My name is Mike Lambert.  I started MWO in 2009 because I wanted to share my passion for waterfowl hunting with other hunters.  I grew up in the Wichita Falls area and I have chased ducks and geese all over this area.  One day, I realized that I enjoy tricking the birds and getting them as close as possible just as much as I do the actual shooting part of the hunt.  Having hundreds of birds decoy in your face is when waterfowl hunting is at its best.  I have personally hunted with all of our guides for several years and we all share the same ideas about getting birds as close to the decoys as possible.  I am also an avid bow hunter and a tournament bass fishermen.  If it's Oct., you can bet I am in the deer woods and, in the spring and summer, I am on the water fishing.  I look forward to sharing my passion for the outdoors with all of our hunters this fall.

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